Money Matters: The Hidden Truth

You have probably realised by this point but this is not yet another boring conference, nor a biased incentivised exercise… This is a fresh opportunity, where we expect all attendees to:

  • Interact openly with the expats/returnee speakers currently in Ghana working in a variety of sectors and industries
  • Leave with a realistic outline of what is needed to prepare towards the proposed relocation
  • Utilise the provided starter pack with useful local contacts & start to build a network
  • Enjoy the Ghanaian snacks and goodie bag filled with nostalgic goodies before your next trip to the motherland.

Every workshop has the following 3 aims:

  1. Offer unadulterated practical advice that will aid your smooth transition into the new environment
  2. Provide you with the tools they need to effectively structure a re-location plan
  3. Inspire you to explore opportunities & realistically identify what your next step is going to be in your pursuit to successfully relocate


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