“If a Child washes his hands well, he can even sit with Kings” - African Proverb


This workshop aims to provide the critical information needed for a smooth transition between the two environments – the UK and Ghana. The session is designed to be highly interactive and engaging, with a focus on detailed analysis of what you personally need to prioritise within the 3 topic areas:

 1. Practical Planning & Perseverance 

Do I have the basics covered in a feasible plan that will be effective locally? Have I built the habits and mindset that are needed to push through any potential obstacles?

2. Money Matters: The Hidden Truth 

Am I budgeting correctly for my personal lifestyle and/or business venture? Are funding opportunities really out there?

3. Healthcare & Safety 

Do I have the necessary systems set up which will ensure I receive appropriate healthcare at all times? How do I ensure my personal safety (when needed)?


Move 2 Ghana is an independent organisation, that is
committed to equipping the diaspora with unbiased honest and practical knowledge, that is essential when exploring the exciting relocation opportunities in Ghana!

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